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As the 2015/16 snowmobile season comes to an end you might wonder what happens in the B&M Shop.

In the beginning years... not a whole lot. We would usually finish up the last few orders of the season as they trickle in and put the shop on stand by until its time to get ready for Hay Days. Working normal day jobs etc and coming in at night if an order or two roll in. In the most recent past seasons we have started earlier due to high early season demand. Working hard a few months early allowed us to build inventory and get a head start on the year.

2015 was a big year for us as a company. We quit our day jobs and went full time.

A lot of people know we are a small company. A lot of people don't know that we are a three man operation. With growing daily orders and higher demand we were working later and later at night to keep up. Some days only getting an hour or so of sleep before we went to our regular jobs. It only made sense to quit our jobs to allow us to be in the shop full time. So we did it.

The 15/16 season was great. We worked extremely hard to refine our processes, upgrade equipment, add new vendor events, and start advertising on websites and forums. We focused on staying in touch with our customers and making sure we took care of them. We have built a large following on social media. This allows us to interact with our customers directly as well as show off what we have cooking in the shop.

We are looking forward to the 16/17 Snow Season and plan to double up and then some on inventory to keep our lead times low. 

So with that said, summer is coming. What does a snowmobile company do in the summer? We are headed into the UTV Market!

We are starting with the Polaris RZR and plan to expand our offerings as we can. We have designed 3 new products that are currently available on our website 

The RZR EXO Winch Bumper

-1020 DOM 1.75" x .095" wall and 1.5" x .095 wall tube.
-Winch and lower plate 1/8" cold rolled & Laser cut steel.
-3/8" thick lower tie down plate
-CNC machined clamps for upper bumper support.
-Removable 1/8" brushed aluminum skid plate.
-Stinger opening will support up to a 6" LED Bar.

The RZR EXO Rock Sliders

Made from quality materials and tig welded for a superior look and high strength.

1 1/2" x .125 wall - 1020 DOM lower tube for high impact resistance.

1 1/2" x .095 wall - 1020 DOM upper tubing

 Sand Blasted and Powder Coated for long lasting finish and durability.


The Interior Cooler Mount for the RZR

This cooler mount utilizes the factory grab bar receiver. 

CNC bent and TIG welded 3/4" OD steel tubing.



All of our new RZR products are made in the USA with quality materials and are tig welded in house.

We are excited to venture into new territory and we hope that our good name in the snowmobile world carries into the UTV market.

Make sure to watch for us at new events, new forums, and keep an eye on our site as we add new products regularly!




2016 Polaris Axys EXO Front Bumper – B&M Fabrications

2016 Polaris Axys EXO Front Bumper – B&M Fabrications

We are happy to announce Polaris Axys EXO Front Bumper is now available! Subscribe to our newsletter below for updates!

The New Axys Exo Bumper was designed to have a refined fit and finish while keeping the popular styling of our EXO Series Bumpers.

 This bumper is constructed of 1"x 1/8th"- 6061 aluminum tubing. We have utilized the factory upper mounting points and hardware. The lower mounting will use the existing belly pan rivet holes through the bottom of the bulkhead with supplied bolts. 

We have also added a sturdy mount to allow the use of the factory spare belt/spark plug carrier!

With a goal of a clean fit and finish in mind, we moved the tubing closer to the body than in previous models. However this bumper will still allow you to run a skid plate. 


We have formed the side tubes to fit the stock side panel openings. Installation will require ZERO cutting to factory plastics.