CURRENT LEAD TIME - 1.5 Weeks +/- from order date.

Here is an explanation of the unique powder colors we offer. We will be updating this page with pictures and even more clarification as time allows.

Arctic Cat

  • Medium Green - Exact match to 2018-2020 green used on most of those models
  • Hyper Green - Exact match to some 2020 models. Lighter and brighter than medium green.
  • Purple - Used in 2019.
  • Polaris and Arctic Cat Orange - as close as we could get to 2012+ used along the line-up.
  • Bright Red - Matches very well to 2020 model year Hardcore
  • Electric Blue - Exact match to 2020 models
  • Arctic Cat Gray - Matches 2018 Mountain Cat early release and select new models. 


  • Lime Squeeze - Exact match Polaris has used in recent years
  • Polaris & Arctic Cat Orange - Very close match to what has been used in recent years.
  • Sky Blue - Exact match of 2018+ models. A light blue.
  • Velocity Blue - Exact match to 2017+ various models. Darker than Sky Blue.
  • Bright Red - is a match to Polaris red that they have used for years. Think red and Polaris? That is this color.

Ski Doo

  • Lava Red - Very close match. Has a reddish orange tint to it.
  • Bright Red - Mainly a Polaris color but Ski Doo used a red this tint on some models.
  • Manta Green - Exact match to Ski Doo's. A very bright color.
  • Ski Doo Orange - very close match to all oranges used in recent years.