Here is an explanation of the unique powder colors we offer.

Arctic Cat

  • Medium Green - Exact match to 2018-2020 green used on most of those models
  • Hyper Green - Exact match to some 2020 models. Lighter and brighter than medium green.
  • Purple - Used in 2019.
  • Polaris and Arctic Cat Orange - as close as we could get to 2012+ used along the line-up.
  • Bright Red - Matches very well to 2020 model year Hardcore
  • Arctic Cat Gray - Matches 2018 Mountain Cat early release and select new models. 


  • Lime Squeeze - Exact match Polaris has used in recent years
  • Polaris & Arctic Cat Orange - Very close match to what has been used in recent years.
  • Sky Blue - Exact match of 2018+ models. A light blue.
  • Polaris Blue - Current RZR Blue. Slight metallic and darker than Sky Blue.
  • Bright Red - is a match to Polaris red that they have used for years. Think red and Polaris? That is this color.

Ski Doo

  • Lava Red - Very close match. Has a reddish orange tint to it.
  • Bright Red - Mainly a Polaris color but Ski Doo used a red this tint on some models.
  • Manta Green - Exact match to Ski Doo's. A very bright color.
  • Ski Doo Orange - very close match to all oranges used in recent years.